We love partnering with other great Kiwi organisations, and that’s why you’re here – because you’ve discovered the magic of a RocketSpark website and are keen to know how our web-based plugins can help elevate your site even more.

EzyStream specialises in providing app-based solutions for corporates, churches, sports groups and clubs – basically if you have a need to communicate with a group of people and want to connect, engage & inspire them, then we’d love to chat.

So How Can We Help?

Media Hosting & Elegant Web Plugin

EzyStream provides a full media hosting service, with a convenient web-plugin for your RocketSpark site. With a few simple lines of code, we can embed a full-functioning i-Frame into your new website, ensuring that media is delivered efficiently across a variety of platforms.

We deliver media to pretty much every type of device, seamlessly and provide you with a one-stop management portal to make sure that your media is flowing out to your main comms channels with a minimum of fuss.

Payment Processing – with Easy Setup and Easy Integration

Do you need simple payment processing on your new website? EzyStream can help. With just a few clicks of your mouse, we can provide you with a fully hosted, PCI compliant payments processing plugin that can make collecting simple payments a breeze. Every solution we provide is fitted to your needs, so drop us a line, or give us a call and we can let you know how we can best help. This product is ideal for clubs and churches collecting donations, or groups collecting subs, payments for special events or even selling a sausage at your next fundraiser.